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Microsoft Intune Enrollment Guide for Windows 11

Today i’m going to show you how you can onboard Windows 11 devices through Windows Autopilot into Microsoft Intune. I assume that you have successfully uploaded the Hardware Hash to your tenant as i described in my last post. Optionally you can enable OEM manufacturers like DELL, Lenovo, HP or Microsoft to upload the Hardware Hash for newly ordered devices.

So lets start with a fresh device.

1. Select your country or region.

2. Select your keyboard layout.

3. If needed add additional keyboard layouts. Otherwise click on Skip.

4. Connect to your WLAN network. Alternatively you can use a wired connection over LAN.

5. Now your device will be detected over the Internet by the Windows Autopilot service and you need to enter you Azure AD credentials.

6. Now the Autopilot process is onboarding the device, installing assigned profiles and applications. Wait for the 3 steps to finish – this might take some time depending on the number of assignments.

7. Now you can configure Windows Hello for Business – if this feature was configured by your administrator in Microsoft Intune. Windows Hello supports biometric authentication or authentication by PIN. In this example we will skip the biometrics and configure a PIN.

Now you will be prompted for MFA, as we register Windows Hello as a credential provider for your account on this device.

Now everything is ready. Click on Ok to continue. This is the last step before you can start working with the device.

Welcome to your new Windows 11 device – managed by Microsoft Intune from your IT department. You can start using the device, some applications or configurations might be installed in the background. If your attention is needed you will be informed by notifications from the Windows operating system.


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