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Microsoft Intune Enrollment Guide for macOS

In this post i will show you how you can onboard Apple macOS devices through the Microsoft Company portal to Microsoft Intune. With this onboarding you can push configurations and/or applications from Microsoft Intune to macOS devices or use Compliance policies to grant or deny access over Azure AD conditional access.

1. So lets begin with downloading the Company portal app from the Microsoft website. Use this link:

2. Now open the Installer which should be downloaded to your downloads folder. Start with clicking on Continue.

3. Accept the Microsoft terms by clicking on Continue.

4. Click on Agree.

5. Click on Install.

6. As we are installing an application in the system context you need to enter credentials from an local administrator account.

7. Wait for the installation to finish. Then click on Close.

8. If you like you can delete the Installer files as we do not need them anymore.

9. Now open the Company Portal app from the Application libary and click on Sign In.

10. Sign-In with your Azure AD credentials.

11. Now click on Begin.

12. Review the privacy statement to see what your IT department might or might not see over Microsoft Intune from your device.

13. Now we need to download and install the management profile. This profile allows Microsoft Intune to control your device or deploy configurations and applications to it.

14. Approve the management profile installation. Click on Install.

Enter credentials from an local administrator account from the device.

15. Click on Done. The enrollment is finished.

16. Now your device is onboarded.

Feel free to use your device as usually. Assigned configurations and applications will be applied automatically in the background.


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