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Microsoft Intune Enrollment Guide for iOS

Today im going to show you how you can enroll an Apple iOS device into Microsoft Intune. With this you can manage iOS devices centrally from the Cloud and deploy applications or configurations to your corporate iOS device.

To enroll your Device to the Corporate MDM System Microsoft Intune please open the AppStore on your iOS Device and search for the “Intune Company Portal” App which you need to download and install.

Now please open the app.

Please tap on Sign in to go on.

If your account has been already signed in into any other Microsoft app it will detect your account. In this case, please click on your account. Otherwise, it will ask you for your E-Mail address, please enter this information and confirm. Then enter your account password.

Finish the sign-in process.

Please confirm the notification Info screen with OK. This will allow the app to inform you with push notifications when your attention is required.

Please confirm the request for the Intune Company Portal to send you notifications. Tap on Allow.

To start the enrollment please tap on Begin.

Please tap on Continue.

Now that you completed the first step, please go on by tapping on Continue.

In this step the app wants to download the Microsoft Intune management profile. Please tap on Allow.

When you see this notification, then the management profile is successfully downloaded. Please tap on close.

Click on Continue.

The profile is now ready for the installation. Please push the home button or in case that your device doesn’t have a home button anymore, use the gesture to switch to the home screen and open the Settings app.

Please tap on “Profile Downloaded” to install the management profile on your device.

On this page you see the downloaded management profile. Please tap on Install to install the profile on your device.

Enter the PIN from your device which you use to unlock it from the lockscreen.

You will be prompted to confirm the installation. Please tap on Install.

Please tap one more time on Install to confirm the installation of the Microsoft Intune certificates. These certificates are needed for Microsoft Intune to proof that applied configurations are valid from your company administrator.

You will be asked if you trust the source of the management profile. As it is from your company administrator please tap on Trust.

To complete the installation step please tap on Done. The management profile is now installed successfully. Please switch back to the Intune Company Portal app on your device.

If the company portal did not switched to the next step automatically, please tap on “Yes, I installed the profile” to continue.

You finished the last two steps where your attention is required. Please tap on Continue.

Your device will now check-in at Microsoft Intune and apply all assigned configurations and applications from your administrator. This process might take a few minutes.

Your device is now enrolled in Microsoft Intune and managed by your administrator. Further assigned apps and policies might be applied automatically in the background. If your attention for configuration profiles is required anymore you will be prompted directly from iOS over the Intune Company Portal.

Please follow the instructions which the device asks you for. When you need assistance, please contact the help desk. Your device is now managed by Microsoft Intune.


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