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Microsoft Intune Enrollment Guide for Android Enterprise

In this post im going to show you how you can enroll Android devices to Microsoft Intune. For the enrollment in this example we are going to use the Corporate-owned, fully managed user devices (COPE) mode from Android Enterprise.

Firstly we need to create an Enrollment profile in Microsoft Intune for COPE. Enable the mode and copy the QR-code:

Now were ready. Lets continue on our Android device in the First-run Experience.

Tap 15 times in the white space were nothing is displayed.

Now the camera should open and you should be able to scan the QR-code. After you’ve scanned the QR-code continue by connecting to your WLAN network.

Click on “Next”.

Klick on “Accept & continue”.

Wait for your device to load.

Accept the Samsung terms (or terms from other manufacturers).

Wait for your device to install open updates.

Klick on “Accept & continue” to start the company portal enrollment.

Sign-in with your work account which is an Azure AD account.

Enter your password.

Confirm your MFA (if configured).

Wait for your device to install updates if more are needed from your company.

Wait for your device to be registered in Microsoft Intune.

Klick on “Install” in the Install work apps section.

Wait for all apps to be installed and the klick on “Done”.

Klick on “Set up” in the Register your device section.

Klick on SIGN IN to authenticate in the company portal.

Your account should be remembered so you just have to enter your password once again.

Approve the MFA one more time.

Klick on Register to complete the device enrollment.

Klick on NEXT to complete the enrollment.

When the step is done klick on DONE to finish the enrollment wizard.

Great! You have successfully enrolled your Android device with Android Enterprise to Microsoft Intune. Start using your device. Maybe there will be some more configurations or applications deployed in the background automatically.

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